Thursday, November 18, 2010

a collection of good things made

I've been busy lately, end of year approaching, working lots but fitting in time to make stuff!

I made this colourful button necklace for myself and I just love it.

this purply pink one was a gift
and this purply blue one was for my Mum.
new cupcake wrappers, really like these, these cupcakes went to kindy
decorating the dinner table with old china and doilies for fun
last week we made pikelets with melted choc and 100's & 1000's for afternoon tea-that's a treat
Fathers Day pavlova
made lots of beach towel shorts for fun
possibly the most awesome useful beach bag in the whole world with unreal Ikea stripes.  This thing is lined with the same stripes, has a pocket, a key loop and extra reinforced straps.  Fits everything we could possibly need at the beach and is easy to wash.  Very happy with this bag, have needed one like this for ages.
a couple of cute appliqued suits for a little baby born recently
my favourite little bird.

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mummymadesigns said...

wow you have been busy, those cupcake wrappers where did u get those from? or are you clever and make them too. Love the pink bag hanging on the chair poor thing hanging there didnt get a beautiful work leah