Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joey's 5th Birthday Part 1...making of the Pinata

As requested I made a pinata for Joey's birthday party.  This time, I allowed enough time to get it dry between layers of newspapers instead of putting the wet mess every night in the bathroom with the heater light on as I had to do for Lilly earlier this year.
I did this pinata properly, adding the rope to hang it between the layers of paper.  p.s. I use newspaper and pva glue watered down to make the pinata over a big balloon and for the last layer, instead of the glue, I make a thick floury paste to coat the newspaper.  This makes it really hard, you can see the coating of flour in the pic above.  When its dried well, you cut a small opening and pop the balloon and do your best to remove the balloon bits.
Then add lollies, wrapped ones are best since they'll be heading for the ground!
This is a photo inside the pinata.  Then seal up the trap door with some more paper and glue and allow to dry.  Joey decorated his pinata with streamers and his sister made some cute signs to go on it, see pic below.
Here is the birthday boy in the park with his pinata.
He loved it!  I loved it, so colourful!
You are too cute Joe boy! I love yoU!
Time to smash it!
All the kids got a go of giving it a good whack with the soft baseball bat.
Joey got the final hit making a big hole in the side.
Scavenging for lollies!
These things cost next to nothing to make and are way better to smash up than the bought ones, they do take time to make though but well worth it.

Stay tuned for the party food segment and the awesome party game segment...


Kate said...

Happy birthday to your big boy!
The piniata looks amazing. I especially love that he decorated it himself.
I hope you are having a great weekend.

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