Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cord Train Pants

Finally, I have figured out a great pattern for pants for Joe boy!
This is a combination of a 70's vintage Size 1 Simplicity 5103 PJ pants pattern together with my skills as a novice pattern drafter! I made 2 try out pairs out of old flannelette cot sheets before I was happy with this shape.
I used this the idea of keeping pants simple by essentially having only 2 pattern pieces. My pants would be a size 2 to 3 I'd say and I finally had a real proper go at applique! I did a train of course and the lesson learnt is 'applique before you sew up the seams'. You may think you can manipulate the machine inside that small leg hole, but NO it's very very tricky. I need a one on one with Mum to get tight circles happening, check wheels and you'll see what I mean.
Previously, I have made Lilly pants with pockets that turned out ok and Joey some cargo style pants that were absolutely horrendous, but because they were and still are Thomas blue in colour he just loves them.
These navy ones on the other hand are just right. The waist hem was a cinch given I allowed for 2 big turn overs, much simpler than small amounts to turn over and fiddle with. Next time I will add an inch to the hem to allow for a larger turn over. I have the master pattern in my drawer so I better get moving and make some more.

This is a very long description considering it is about one very ordinary pair of pants, but its the simple things that are often the best...oh you have to excuse the poor pic's and fact that these are dirty from wear today, but I just had to show you all.


Emma said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes the simplest things bring so much pleasure! I love these - and the train is sooooooo cute. My train obsessed 2 yr old would love these.

PinkLizzy said...

So cute! I've gotta get myself a boys pants pattern stat!

Ellie said...

Well done on the applique it looks excellent much much better than my first attempt.

Gilly said...

I love these - well done they look wonderful!