Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chocolate Factory Party

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful little boy!

We had a chocolate factory party for Joey complete with Golden Ticket invites. The factory was made out of fridge boxes, alot of them! It had purple and gold double doors leading into a crepe paper choc waterfall, then a turn to the right but before that- a pull-out chocolate drop trap door, then a pretty painted room, another couple of turns, another waterfall, a bubble room, more turns, then another slide-out chocolate trap door, more turns and finished with a piece of twisted pipe where after pressing a button (a battery operated door bell!) a gob-stopper came down the pipe and into your hand if you were ready, then out the flap door...and line up again! I had 4 adults working the factory, one letting the guests through in turn so there wasn't a stampede, and 3 on the trap-door and door bell lolly drops!
We also made a 'lolly shop' which my daughter and my nephew were in charge of. Hidden around the garden were tiny golden tickets for Joey's Lolly Shop. The shop had an open and closed sign, so when the shop was open you could line up and exchange mini tickets for free lollies. We had those noodle boxes for all the kids to get filled. They did a good job of the shop, it is still a shop here in the playroom but it doesn't sell lollies anymore!
We had a 'lolly pop tree' in our mango tree and a freddo frog balloon pop. The cake was a double batch mudcake covered in thomas track with every imaginable choc coated lolly you can think of on top. He had a great time, completely chocced out! When asked what his favourite was at his party, he said 'going in the factory and opening pessents'. So cute Joey. I love you.

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Kylie said...

What a fantastic idea for a party - well done - you must spent hours getting everything ready!