Sunday, May 24, 2009

Key Lockets

Lill's latest project...something very useful thanks little girl!

Gathering her supplies, we got the box of embroidery threads back from Granma.

We needed a keyring for our new post office keys to go on, something that would hang up in the car and be easy to find. Lill looked through her new craft book and found this great idea.

Pocket Lockets

* a cute little felt pocket with a ribbon attached to your key, the ribbon slides up and down to reveal the key.

This one is an owl and she picked the colours and did most of the cutting and stitched on the nose. I did the rest.

We made one for Daddy's car as well and Joe boy picked the colours for it.
So far so good in the car, no lost keys!

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Bec Clarke said...

Hi Leah,
THanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I can't believe all your lovley bags & dresses in your shop. I also really love the applique'd tops that you make. Thanks for stopping by, see you round on EB.