Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Best Jeans Yet!

My girl has long legs, she is 5 years old. After going through her clothes and removing the mulitude of things that just don't fit but are perfectly good, I decided to recycle her jeans, which I might add were a Bonds Size 4 and she comfortably wore them 2 years ago as they really could have been handed on last year. They still fit perfectly around her waist but look like flared 3/4 pants on her long legs!!! I worked out I needed to add 10cm to the length of these jeans to make them fit nicely. I sliced each leg randomly and added a panel of fabric after unpicking the side seams about 2 inches up and down each side of the slice. And then sewed up the side seams again. The tricky part was making sure I made each panel the same width so to end up with both legs the same length. I unpicked a pocket and a belt tab and made new ones with the contrasting fabric. I don't know about you, but I think they are better than the originals! She will now get 3 years out of these jeans...I am on the hunt for more to slice up. Joe's cupboard is next!

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