Friday, May 9, 2008

Not-so-Green Shopping Bag...thanks Tin Whistle

Well here is my first go at a Tin Whistle not-so-green shopping bag! I am very impressed with myself. I used some left over kindy sheets material in case I stuffed it up, and now I am attempting another using a tea pot print and co-ordinating red spot on the lining, its for Mum for Mothers Day, shhh, and to go inside is a Royal Albert cup, saucer and plate in the 1950's set celabrating 100 years of Royal Albert. Also, I've made her a crocheted handtowel, you know like the old ladies make and I've got some new tuppaware illusions mini pitchers to go in. So she is doing pretty well and most of all I think she'll be pleased with my efforts at the bag!

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